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The CSU has transformed academic preparation in an effort to provide all first-time freshman the opportunity and support needed to be successful in college-level coursework. This website provides guidance on  assessment of English and math skills, placement in General Education (GE) English and math/quantitative reasoning courses and the Early Start Program.


CSU Academic preparation policy

CSU Academic

The CSU's Academic Preparation policy affords all students the opportunity and support they need to be fully prepared and successful at the CSU.

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Placement Estimator

By assessing the needs of each individual student, this tool will help estimate student placement in first-year English and math courses creating a pathway towards successful learning.

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Be in the Know and Ready to Go

Learn about what it takes to be academically prepared for the CSU. Hear experiences and advise from students, faculty and staff on how to prepare for college level GE English and math and reach your educational goals.

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