Multiple Measures for Placement in GE B4 (Math Non-STEM)

All first-time freshmen are required to complete 39 lower division and 9 upper division semester units (or quarter-unit equivalent) of General Education (GE) coursework requirements to complete a bachelor’s degree. GE Area B4 (math/quantitative reasoning) is one of the GE requirements students take in their first year of college. The diagram below displays the criteria used to place students in their first year GE math/quantitative reasoning course.

alt="Multiple Measures for Math Non-Stem. Placement in GE B4 Math/QR: Algebra and Statistics Disciplines, Non-STEM and Undecided majors"

Click on each of the circles to learn about the criteria the CSU utilizes to place students in their first-year GE math course



fufilled requirement

enroll in GE Math Course

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Early Start Required Enroll in Supported GE Math Course