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General Education English Placement Estimator - Fulfilled


You are on your way to a successful college experience.

Based on your responses, it is projected that you have fulfilled or will fulfill the GE Area A2 English requirement by the end of your senior year.This means that as a first-time freshman, you will enroll in the next required GE English course. The campus you attend will provide guidance on fulfilling your GE requirements.

Stay on Track for College

  • Consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) English if it is offered at your school. You may be able to earn college credit by passing the AP exam.
  • Complete all “a-g” course requirements.
  • Apply to the CSU in the fall of your senior year.
  • Learn about Degrees at the CSU.
  • Once admitted, the campus you attend will provide guidance on how to register for the appropriate courses.
  • Check your student portal regularly to ensure you receive all communications from the campus.

Multiple Measures for Placement Include: