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How to Register for Early Start Courses

Registering for Early Start 

You can satisfy your Early Start requirement at your “home campus” (the CSU campus you will attend in the fall term) or a “host campus” (another CSU campus other than your home campus).

Step 1: After researching your Early Start options (link to ESP Course Listing), go to the Early Start Page in your “home campus” student portal to select the CSU campus you intend to take Early Start classes.

Step 2: Follow the enrollment instructions provided to you by the Early Start campus you selected in Step 1. You may be able to enroll immediately if you intend to take Early Start classes at your home campus.

  • If you did not select your home campus, you may have to wait up to a week to receive these instructions.
  • The instructions may involve setting up another student portal at your Early Start host campus that you will use only for Early Start enrollment.