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Elementary Statistics and Supplement

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Course Area: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
Subject Area: ESM
Course Number: 120/20S
Units: 4.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2022
Online: No
Prerequisite: This class is designed for non-STEM students. It is open to both Home and Host students who are required to participate in the Early Start Program for math based on multiple measures placement standards. The class is taught in a corequisite model, with 3 units of college credit and up to 1 unit of non-degree credit support. This class, if passed with a C- or higher, satisfies the GE Math requirement. In the three-unit class, students will explore and analyze data with real-world applications. Design surveys and experiments. The class covers graphical and numerical summaries; correlation, regression and analysis of contingency tables; confidence intervals and hypothesis testing via simulation and using normal, t, chi-squared distributions. The one-unit supplemental class will cover the order of operations, mathematical expressions and functions. Also covered will be conversion between fractions, proportions, decimals, percentages and probabilities. Average rate of change, equation of a line and intersection of two lines. Mathematical and statistical word problems. Data entry and use of statistical software. Students must enroll at least 3 business days prior to the start of the class.