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Analytical College Writing/Writing Workshop

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Course Area: English/Written Communication
Subject Area: ESE
Course Number: 100/100W
Units: 4.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2021
Online: Yes – Synchronous (Set Schedule)
Prerequisite: Students who are recommended, but not required, to participate in the Early Start Program for Written Communication and ready to enroll in a course that meets the GE Written Communication requirement. Open to eligible Home and Host students. Students will learn to express ideas effectively in well-developed, focused essays that support arguments with relevant and adequate evidence, and use the style and conventions of standard academic prose. Co-requisite ESE 100W includes workshop/lab/tutorial activities, which seeks to improve students’ ability to compose analytical college essays. Students who are eligible for but do not complete ESE 100/100W must complete either ESE 101P or ENGL 101P before enrolling in ENGL 101. Students must enroll at least 3 business days prior to the start of class.