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Early Start Mathematics

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Course Area: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
Subject Area: Math
Course Number: 110/55
Units: 2.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2022
Online: Yes – Asynchronous (No Set Schedule)
Early Start Mathematics (ESPM 55/110) is a 2 unit (1 baccalaureate unit and 1 pre-baccalaureate unit) online mathematics / transition to university level mathematics course administered by HSU for incoming CSU freshman. Completion of ESPM 55/110 will satisfy the CSU Early Start requirement. Students completing ESPM 55/110 will be better prepared to succeed in entry level mathematics courses in their first semester of study at HSU. Each ESPM 55/110 student will be placed into the correct entry level mathematics course, become familiar with successful strategies for university level mathematics courses and formulate a plan for success in her or his entry level mathematics course.