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Exploring College Literacies at SJSU

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San Jose State

Course Area: English/Written Communication
Subject Area: ESE
Course Number: 1001
Units: 2.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2021
Online: Yes – Synchronous (Set Schedule)
In this two-unit, project-based prebaccalaureate summer transition course, students work with their instructor and peers to explore the literacies that sustain our studies at SJSU. Sharing their own histories as readers and writers and collaborating as literacy ethnographers, students work in teams to 1) document and describe the literacies they bring to their college study, 2) map, narrate, and analyze the history of and the networks implicated in those literacies, and 3) explore some of the new literacies they will learn and use as they transition into the SJSU (or other CSU) learning community.

NOTE: Students in ESE 1001 must concurrently enroll in ENGL 96RWS.