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Stretch Introduction to Statistical Thinking A

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San Bernardino

Course Area: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
Subject Area: MATH
Course Number: 1202
Units: 3.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2021
Online: Yes – Synchronous (Set Schedule)
Introductory statistics with applications to a variety of disciplines. Critical thinking about real data, methods of analysis, and implications. Use of technology for displaying and analyzing data. First term of a two-term version of MATH 1201. Successful completion of the two-term sequence MATH 1202-1203 satisfies the General Education B4 category. Placement determined by campus placement standards and advising. May not be taken for credit by students who have completed MATH 1201 or Math 165. Graded A through C-/No Credit. Recommended for category 3 and required for category 4.
This is a synchronous course with designated times to log in.