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Introduction to Writing as a Rhetorical Act

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San Marcos

Course Area: English/Written Communication
Subject Area: ESW
Course Number: 101A/100
Units: 3.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2022
Online: Hybrid - In-Person and Online
ESW 101A awards 3 units of baccalaureate credit (applicable towards baccalaureate degree requirements).
ESW 100 awards 1 unit of pre-baccalaureate credit (NOT applicable towards baccalaureate degree requirements)
These two courses are linked.

Course description:
Introduces writing as a process and provides an overview of rhetorical analysis tools and critical reading skills necessary for various kinds of college writing. Students will practice critical reading strategies, annotation, summary, explanation, synthesis, and response. Focus on writing skills that contribute to academic growth, such as learning to analyze texts and writing in relation to social constructions and power relations.

ESW 100 Focuses on grammar and style expectations for academic written English. Students will have the opportunity to improve their own writing from other classes by applying grammar to real rhetorical contexts. Graded Credit / No Credit.

Also offered outside of Early Start as GEW 101A. Students in ESW 101A are expected to pass the class with a C- (1.7) or better before progressing on to GEW 101B.