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Supported College Algebra

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San Marcos

Course Area: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
Subject Area: ESM
Course Number: 105/5
Units: 4.0
When: -
Term: Summer 2022
Online: No
This course offering is comprised of two class sections, ESM 105 and ESM 5. Each section of ESM 105 will have a specific companion section of ESM 5. Students must enroll in both sections.

ESM 105 awards 3 units of baccalaureate credit (applicable towards baccalaureate degree requirements)
ESM 5 awards 1 unit of pre-baccalaureate credit (NOT applicable towards baccalaureate degree requirements)

Combined course descriptions:
College algebra with integrated review of intermediate algebra. Includes graphs, equations, inequalities, and functions (linear, polynomial, rational, root, exponential, logarithmic). Integrated review of intermediate algebra includes the rectangular coordinate system, lines, polynomial expressions, and arithmetic, simplification of algebraic expressions, solution of quadratic and rational equations, properties of exponents, and arithmetic operations involving rational exponents and radicals.

Also offered outside of Early Start as MATH 105, and equivalent to MATH 115; students may only receive credit for one of the courses. Enrollment restricted to incoming first-year students who are recommended (but not required) to attend Early Start in Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning.