Academic Preparation = College Success

Academic Preparation Matters

Academic preparation is an innovative and targeted approach for the assessment of students’ English and math skills in high school and placement in first-year General Education (GE) English (written communication) and math/quantitative reasoning courses.

Multiple Measures

Multiple measures allow students different ways to assess their readiness for college-level coursework.

First Year Placement

First-time freshmen will enroll in GE English and math courses that align with their skills and career goals. The GE Estimator will help you determine your placement in these courses.

Supportive Pathways

The Supportive Pathways for First-Year Students Program (formerly the Early Start Program) offers pathways and academic and social support that align with each incoming student’s needs.

Academic Preparation is part of the CSU's Graduation Initiative. Explore more about the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025