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Multiple Measures

There are many ways to determine which first-year GE English and math/qualitative reasoning (QR) courses are right for each student. Factors known as “multiple measures” are used to evaluate each student’s academic preparation in these subjects.

*Important Update: The CSU recognizes that due to COVID-19 disruptions, standardized assessment test results (CAASPP/EAP, ACT, SAT, AP, IB, CLEP) may not be available. In absence of test results, CSU campuses will use high school GPA, high school math GPA, high school and college coursework to evaluate a student's placement in GE English and math/quantitative reasoning courses. Students with assessment test results should submit results for the purpose of placement evaluation. 

Please Note: ACT and SAT results will not be used for 21-22 CSU admission.

Multiple Measures for Placement Include:
Learn how multiple measures are used for placement in first-year GE English and math/QR courses: