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Multiple Measures

There are many ways to determine which first-year GE English and math/qualitative reasoning (QR) courses are right for each student. Factors known as “multiple measures” are used to evaluate each student’s academic preparation in these subjects.

Admission Update:

  • The California State University no longer uses ACT or SAT examinations in determining admission eligibility for all CSU campuses.
  • If accepted to a CSU campus, ACT or SAT test scores can be used as one of the measures to place students in the appropriate mathematics or English (written communication) courses.
  • For more information on admission criteria, please visit the First-Time Freshman Guidance and the First-Time Freshman Frequently Asked Questions​​ pages. ​
Multiple Measures for Placement Include:
Learn how multiple measures are used for placement in first-year GE English and math/QR courses: