Supportive Pathways for First-Year Students Program

Meeting students’ needs every step of the way

As part of the CSU’s commitment to academic preparation and student success, the Supportive Pathways for First-Year Students Program (formerly the Early Start Program) offers pathways and academic and social support that align with each incoming student’s needs. The program’s goal is to ensure that first-time students successfully complete the General Education (GE) written communication (A2) and math/quantitative reasoning (B4) requirements within their first year.

How Does the Supportive Pathways for First-Year Students Program Help Students?

  • Students have the opportunity to earn college credit toward graduation, in some cases the summer before the fall semester.
  • The program curriculum is designed to meet students’ needs by preparing them for their GE and major coursework requirements. 
  • The program fosters a sense of community and belonging through services that include support in and out of the classroom experience. 
  • Students will be able to establish connections with their peers, faculty, and staff in their first days as a CSU student.

Additional Information about the Supportive Pathways for First-year Students Program

Each CSU will develop its own supportive pathways for academic programming based on the unique needs of its student population. Support will be provided to students identified through CSU placement standards needing support to complete their GE A2 and B4 requirements. It will take place at the CSU they attend during their first year and may include summer instruction. Examples of supportive pathways models include: 

  • Stretch English A2 and math B4 courses (courses extended over multiple terms) 
  • Labs, mentoring, advising, workshops, or tutoring 
  • Activities that promote a sense of community and belonging

Programs Fees for Summer Supportive Pathways Program Only

The cost for summer programs is $191 per unit plus a mandatory fee of $1 for Health Facilities and $1 for the Student Union. Eligible financial aid applicants with an Student Aid Index (SAI) of $6,000 or less may be eligible for a fee waiver of the per unit fee. There are no additional fees for programs offered during the fall and spring terms.

Supportive Pathways for First-Year Students Program is available in summer 2024 for universities that provide summer programing. All other universities will provide support programs in the 2024-25 academic year. Each university will provide additional information about the program to first-year students attending their campus.