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CSU General Education Placement Estimator


The GE Placement Estimator uses multiple measures to estimate your placement in general education math and/or English courses in your first year of college. The evaluation of academic readiness is not a condition for admission to the California State University, but it is an important process for determining the best course placement for first-time freshmen.

Admission Update

  • The California State University no longer uses ACT or SAT examinations in determining admission eligibility for all CSU campuses.
  • If accepted to a CSU campus, ACT or SAT test scores can be used as one of the measures to place students in the appropriate mathematics or English (written communication) courses.
  • For more information on admission criteria, please visit the First-Time Freshman Guidance and the First-Time Freshman Frequently Asked Questions​​ pages. ​


To use the GE Placement Estimator you will need:

  • Applicable standardized test scores, if available:
    • For English: (CAASPP/EAP, ACT, SAT, AP)
    • For Math: (CAASPP/EAP, ACT, SAT, AP, IB, CLEP)
  • High school transcripts
  • College transcripts, if you attended the community college while in high school

Helpful resources to guide you through the GE Estimator:

Please Note: Final placement determination is made by the admitting campus you choose to attend based on your standardized test results if available and "a-g" completed coursework as reported on Cal State Apply.