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Multiple Measures for Placement in GE B4 (Math Non-STEM)

All first-time freshmen are required to complete 39 lower division and 9 upper-division semester units (or quarter-unit equivalent) of General Education (GE) coursework requirements to complete a bachelor’s degree. GE Area B4 (math/quantitative reasoning) is one of the GE requirements students take in their first year of college. The diagram below displays the criteria used to place students in their first-year GE math/quantitative reasoning course.

Please Note: 


Multiple Measures

*Assessment Tests
IB, and CLEP)

High school grades
and coursework

Placement GE B4 Math/QR: Algebra and Statistics
Disciplines, Non-STEM and Undecided Majors

*CSU campuses will use high school and college coursework to evaluate a student's placement in GE math/QR courses when assessment test scores are not available.


Explore the four criteria's the CSU utilizes to place students in their first-year GE math course.

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